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BRIAN McKAY : New Works
Galerie Dusseldorf
14 October - 11 November 2007

Aluminium and some Stainless Steel as a working support is used in these Brian McKay works
The surfaces are etched / distressed using a high tensile steel scriber and various grades of emery cloth, steel wool and polishes.
In some of the works, artist's oils are rubbed into the etch or Automotive enamel is used to produce lines or areas of colour.
Many works have no introduced colour at all relying instead on ambient light and colour, These colours are subsequently absorbed into the surfaces and re-introduced to the viewer as refracted/reflected colour.
Much of this is achieved as Brian 'directionally' works the surface of the aluminium creating different refraction possibilities.
Viewed from different angles the works change in appearance from positive to negative, from complete to in-part and from light to dark to light again.

(All photos Douglas Sheerer)

Cat. No. 1
Artists' oils on etched and sealed Aluminium
1300 x 1100 x 40 mm
$ 12,000