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Tom Múller
Galerie Düsseldorf
19 June - 10 July

The Final Frontier 2005
9 elements each 140 x 7 x 2 cm
Acrylic on wood, overall 472 x 140 x 2 cm
$ 3500

Tom Múller is part of a new generation of artists who have achieved a delicate balance in their artwork by representing a cultural past inside the global future. Tom Múller creates paintings and installations that meld isolated elements of design, architecture and art into universal forms and shapes. These simple images become signifiers not just of the universalized building forms found around the world, but also of the process of globalization that has existed for millennia. With Stadium, Múller explores the world of playing fields and how they have become images of global design. International regulations, standard surface control and many other factors have enabled the sporting world to be practiced almost identically around the world. Stadium provides the viewer with the experience of becoming a spectator and a player simultaneously.

Tom Múller selected for prestigious
PRIMAVERA: Exhibition by 9 Young Australian Artists
The Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney
7 September - 13 November, 2005

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