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Tom Múller



20 October - 13 November


- h o m o g l o b u s -

The ideology behind Homoglobus is to provoke our sense of national boundaries in an artistic manner. It aims to advocate the human desire to gain experience through travel and to follow the 21st century's impulse for renewal: the transition from Homosapien to Homoglobus. Has the modern human being once again become nomadic?



Recipient of The Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University School of Art Post Graduate Scholarship for 2000


Also available in Yellow, Buff and Black Wanderlust [biographical geography] is a compact travel journal ( limited and signed editions of 100), which allows its owner to document and map his or her journey(s) around the globe. A map is found within the book used to trace the individualÕs path around the globe, similar to a flight path. [The wall piece illustrates the paths of certain individuals.] $99
The Airport Alphabet Table depicts all international airport runways classified in alphabetical order according to their International Air Transport Association abbreviations. Through their geometrically exact shapes, these diagrams naturally form their own language.

(various details shown)
1 Panel 100 x 200 cm



4 panels (Overall approx 200 x 400 cm)

The Airport Alphabet Map represents all International Airport Runways in their geographically correct location.


The World Passport Map is an intricate piece consisting of a world map with each country's flag found within itÕs current national border.



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CONTEXTUALISING THE WORLD PASSPORT > THE ARTIST AS AMBASSADOR OF IDEAS The world passport is an artistic initiative developed by the artist Tom Mueller.
As a response to an ever-increasing globalisation, the world passport was developed in order to conceptually deal with the Zeitgeist of our times. The world passport recognises and respects the origin and culture of each human being in integrating them to the world. This concept aims to dissolve political and social boundaries and to encourage global awareness,
Worldly responsibility and environmental lucidity are some of many words that echo the essence of the world passport,
The physical role of the artist performer forms an integral part of the work. The artist takes on the role of "World Ambassador' in setting up a [World Passport Embassy at various locations around the world.
"I would position the WORLD PASSPORT as an antidote to this ridiculous US or THEM attitude --- there should be no THEM in this world, only US."
Matthew Jesse Jackson Gold, 2001

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