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New Violence

Joshua Webb : New Violence 29 June - 27 July 2008

JOSHUA WEBB : 2008 recipient : samstag scholarship
The Anne & Gordon Samstag
International Visual Arts Scholarship

  • Viewing sample :New Dawn - (original digital animation - 6 mins) High definition Video format ed. 1/2*, 2/2

Joshua Webb has drawn on his experience of working in industrial design to create a bricolage of imagery from available materials. A new dawn is an apocalyptic landscape, a desolate place where the rubbish stretches as far as the eye can see. A rising sun and portentous cloud only restore some sense of normalcy. Then, in the DVD version, above this same landscape hovers a distinctly unnatural and amorphous red shape. It moves, drapery floating as if shaped by a benevolent breeze, taking attention from the wreckage.

Runner Up - Highly Commened prize of $ 5,000 - 2007 City of Perth Art Award
11th October - 11th November 2007

The work, Australian Standards: International Totem (2007) pursues the
trauma associated with the collective cultural memory of late contemporary
Western society and its re-emergence into cultural totems. With
foundations built upon a history of violence and a present occupied by
excess, economics and beauty decadently crowned with our own mortality,
the Wild West (WA), the place that we created is just a reflection in the
global mirror.

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Joshua Webb : Galerie Düsseldorf - Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship Recipient for 2006