COLOURseparation 6 artists 6 works Galerie Dusseldorf 29 March - 25 April 2009 Douglas Sheerer Articulation 7 x 7 BLAC 2007 1YWWYWWY 2WBBWRRW 3WBWYWRW 4YWYYYWY 5WBWYWRW 6WBBWRRW 7YWWYWWY Acrylic and black light active paint on MDF (49 hinged planes) 120 x 120 x 7.5 cm $ 4,200 The ‘Articulated’ series of works originate from a constantly ongoing investigation into the simplicity and complexity of refracted and reflected light. Planes that seamlessly come together visually in one way will segregate and cause a rupture in another. I try to keep as many components as possible equal in intensity, size and ambience. The articulation of many planes can be manipulated by the viewer to create differing structures, shadow formations. Imbued colour is reflected from the rear of the coloured articulated planes. In this way and under a controlled system I stand a remote chance of creating a structure that is both simple and complex. The verso colouration structure used to cause the various ‘sight’ colours is indicated by rows and columns 1-7 : 1YWWYWWY 2WBBWRRW 3WBWYWRW 4YWYYYWY 5WBWYWRW 6WBBWRRW 7YWWYWWY Where : W = White Y = Yellow B = Blue R = Red