Congratulations to

Susanna Castleden

G a l e r i e D ü s s e l d o r f
Curtin University of Technology School of Art
S c h o l a r s h i p A w a r d Recipient for 2002

View Solo Exhibition : Souvenir - Galerie Düsseldorf 22 August - 12 september 2004


Installation view.
SofA 02 John Curtin Gallery

(Drafting film and mapping pins)
150 x 190 cm



Visions. Mount Misery
(Screenprint on folded BFK paper)
150 x 205 cm

(Aluminium and Screenprint on BFK paper)
150 x 200 cm
Collection - Edith Cowan University

Tropical Cyclone Waiting 2002
printed Name Tapes on paper
150 x 150 cm
Collection - University of Western Australia

Tenement (KMC 2002)
(Embroidered workshirts)
110 x 95 x 20 cm
Collection - University of Western Australia


Susanna Castleden works (except Tropical Cyclone Waiting 2002) photographed at SOFA 2002John Curtin Gallery
Curtin University of Technology Western Australia - photos Robert Frith