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26 June - 25 August 2010
Perth Institute of Contemporay Art (PICA) Westend Gallery
Leading Western Australian artist, Bevan Honey, presents an ambitious new body of work for his solo show in PICA's Westend Gallery. Cycles of boom and bust, failed building projects and consumerist fetishes are interrogated through his macho machines, wall installations, architectural models, iPhone photographs and chalk line drawings. Central to the show is a powerful, yet futile one-wheeled 'burn-out' machine which will spin out on the gallery floor, drawing an endless concentric circle in black rubber.

With a title that refers to the Australian Better Homes and Gardens magazines of the 60s and 70s, Honey's latest exhibition furthers his interest in modernist utopias; those failed or resurrected and how they relate to the way we currently live. Honey has quite dramatically expanded his own drawing practice to produce a complex show that compels viewers to consider multiple histories - from art history to the economic history of the state.

Opening: Friday 25 June, 6pm Exhibition: 26 June - 25 August Artist & Curator Talk: Sunday 27 June, 2pm

Bevan Honey PICA 2010
burn out

wall_text bh_burnout_pica burn_out_detail burn_out_2 burn_out_3
wall text.jpg
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burn out detail.jpg
burn out_2.jpg
burn out_3.jpg
burn_out_state_depen_b4d191 burnout_state_depend_b4d193 gallery_view_n gallery_view_nw gallery_view_s
burn out_state dependent memory.jpg
burnout_state dependent memory_gallery.jpg
gallery view N.jpg
gallery view NW.jpg
gallery view S.jpg
gallery_view_sw latitude knit_on_purl_two_cor_b4d19d knit_one_purl_two_right knit_one_purl_two_ri_b4d1a3
gallery view SW.jpg
knit on purl two_corner detail.jpg
knit one purl two right.jpg
knit one purl two_right view.jpg
knit_one_purl_two tactical_response_detail_ tactical_response_fo_b4d1af sieve_1-5 blue_a
knit one purl two.jpg
tactical response detail .jpg
tactical response foreground.jpg
sieve 1-5.jpg
blue_b green_a green_b pink_a pink_b
purple_a purple_b red_a red_b pre-tension