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Phillip McLeish
Catalogue No.17
Sunset and Moonrise 2004-05
Oil on Canvas
92 x 122 cm
$ 3,000
Acquired Private Collection

Phillip McLeish : Recent Paintings

Galerie Düsseldorf

3 - 24 April

Born in 1950 Philip McLeish has lived and painted in and around the Northcliffe region in the deep South West Karri forests of Western Australia since 1975 and for many years was Howard Taylor's personal studio assistant.
Painting has been a constant pursuit through all these years. He has spent much of that time alone at work in the South West forests and has been able to witness on a consistent basis the distinct local phenomena. Such isolation has enabled him to absorb the consequentiality of his subject matter. His paintings have a deep sense of place and reveal knowledge gained experiencing the intricate balance and play between light, form, growth and seasonal shifts.

Phillip would like to thank his son Rivers for his stimulating conversations over all these years and his insightful comments in regard to painting.
He also wishes to thank Sheila Taylor for her support and positive encouragement and Brett Taylor for his great help in presenting this exhibition.

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