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Jánis Nedéla : Disparate Bed Fellows : Galerie Düsseldorf : 18 November - 16 December 2012

Janis nedela 2012

Jànis Nèdela A Near Distance 2: Highlights from 30 Years of Jànis Nèdela's Art Practice

Geraldton Regional Art Gallery : 6 October - 9 Decemberr 2012

Jn Geraldton

Selections for this survey exhibition have been made from previous exhibitions:
53 copies of Sarah Waters book 'The Night Watch" have been used to create a series of fifty-three stations,
each with particular reference to Water's book through objects related to a moment or a character.
RUNNING BACKWARDS (2007)The artist has used etched acrylic to configure the structure of the open book pages,
each pair alluding to text on the printed page. In these pairs, some playfully adopt palindromes to tease the viewer;
in others the acrylic is etched with lines to create the illusion of text.
WRASSE: METAMORPHOSIS (2003 - 2005) A study of the natural world and the extraordinary different ways in which
fish use camouflage is the central theme of these works.
ENIGMA: A SUITE OF VARIATIONS 1, 2 & 3 (1996-2002)
A return to purist painting, this selection of works are a movement away from the preferred materials of previous
exhibitions such as; pencils, crayons, their shavings and other found or manufactured items.
BOOKS + TEXT AS OBJECTS (1992,2006,2009)
For several years text has been central to Janis Nedela's work.
While he ventured into collage and installation it is the book as object which has been his dominant form.
Words have been permanently concealed, or reconstituted.
The jackets cut, even scorched and modified to accommodate implements such as taps, hooks and saws.
RECENT WORKS Jánis' current paintings are preoccupied with seductions of surface, colour, grids and patterns.
Obsessively linked to the nature ( text and representation, these paintings succeed both optically and contemplatively.


Jánis Nedéla : 53 Stations of the Nightwatch + Studies + Documents

Galerie Düsseldorf

15 November - 13 December 2009

53 Stations of the Nightwatch / Studies / Documents




GALERIE DÜSSELDORF - 9 September - 7 October 2007



KURB Galleries 310 William St Northbridge 12 - 20 May 2006

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View: Jánis Nedéla WRASSE : Metamorphosis - Galerie Düsseldorf - 21 August - 11 September 2005


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ENIGMA : A Suite of Variations #3
28 July - 18 August 2002



Untitled 2001
Pencils, Acrylic, Oil, Enamel Paint on Pegboard
222 x 123 x 10
$ 6,600


 ENIGMA : The Way of Love 1997
Colour Pencils, Peg Board, Acrylic Paint
122 x 92 x 10 cm
$ 1,800

(Acquired City of Joondalup)

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