1955	Born Albany, Western Australia
1977	Diploma in Graphic Design, Perth Technical College
1987	Diploma in Printmaking, Perth Technical College
1990	Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts), Curtin University of Technology

1989-96	Part-time Lecturer, Perth Technical College (now WA School of Art and Design, TAFE)
1993	Part-time Lecturer, Claremont School of Art
1995	Part-time Lecturer, Central Metropolitan College of TAFE, Mt Lawley Campus

1986	Graphics, Paintings and Assemblages , Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
1993	Prelude  Books and Texts as Objects, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth  
1996	Enigma: A Suite of Variations , Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1999	Enigma: A Suite of Variations  #2, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth

1983	Inaugural Perth Technical College Print Prize Exhibition, Techprint, Gomboc Gallery, Middle Swan 
1984	Contemporary Graphics, Gallery Delta, Harare, Zimbabwe
1984	MPAC Acquisitive Prints Exhibition, Mornington Peninsula Arts Centre, Mornington, Victoria
1984	The Land Escape Exhibition , Printmakers Association of WA, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1985	Bunbury City Art Purchase Prize, Bunbury City Art Gallery, Bunbury
1985	The 4th International Exhibition (small graphic forms), Gallery of Art Exhibitions, Bureau Lotz, Poland
1985	International Exhibition of Prints, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Japan
1985	3 in One, Atelier Galleries, Perth, (with David Jay Reed + Graham Stove)
1986	The Three Premiers Art Exhibition , Bunbury City Art Gallery, Bunbury
1986	Australian Latvian Artists, Klava Sipolins Foundation, Latvian Centre Gallery, Toronto, Ottawa, Canada
1986	America's Cup Cups , Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1986	The Printmakers' Association of WA, Fremantle Art Gallery, Fremantle
1987	The 1st International Biennale of Prints, Sao Paulo, Brazil
1987	The 5th International Exhibition (Small Graphic Forms), Gallery of Art Exhibitions Bureau, Lodz, Poland
1988	The Re-Union Exhibition: A Decade at St. Bridgid's Annex , Perth Concert Hall
1989	Visual Arts Degree Show, Curtin University of Technology, Perth
1989	Student Ceramics from Selected Institutions, Crafts Council of WA, Perth
1990	Sol Invlctus , Delaney Galleries, Perth, (with John Corbett + Philip Ward Dickson)
1992	Sketches, Room at the Top... The Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1992	 3 Australians...an intimate journey  , (with Coral Lowry + Rosemary Whittaker), HELP Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
1992	A tribute to Australian Latvian Art , 42nd Arts Festival Exhibition, Sydney Opera House Reception Hall, Sydney
1993	The Advantage of Isolation , Artplace, Perth / Blaxland Gallery, Sydney 
1993	Australian Latvian Artists, Latvian Artists Exhibition Hall, Riga, Latvia
1993	Artrage Artfair , PICA, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth, Represented by Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1994	Highlights : Forty years of the Royal Perth Hospital Art Collection 1954-94, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth
1995	A Rose is a Rose is a Rose , Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1995	Installation Art, A West Week Exhibition , Aherns, Perth
1995	2nd Bunbury Biennale ; Bunbury Art Galleries, Bunbury
1995	ALMA Latvian Contemporary Art , International Images, The Carnegie , Museum of Art, Pittsburg, Pensilvania, USA
1995	No Strings Attached , Recent donations to Royal Perth Hospital Art Collection, The Sir Claude Hochin Art Gallery, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth
1995	Celebrate the Maj , His Majesty's Theatre, Perth
1996	City of Wanneroo Art Award, Joondalup Shopping Centre, Joondalup, WA
1996	Mandorla Art Award, The Moores Building, Fremantle, WA
1996	Queer in the West (PICA), Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth
1996	Exchange exhibition : Australia - Japan Woodblock Prints. The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama / Tomihari Woodblock Art Museum, Japan
1997	Galerie Düsseldorf - 21 Years On, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth
1997	3rd Bunbury Biennale, Bunbury Art Gallery, Bunbury, WA
1997	Read My Lips , Fremantle Arts Centre, Fremantle, WA
1997	Recent Acquisitions from the Edith Cowan Art Collection, Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley Campus, WA
1997	International Latvian Youth Art Exhibition, University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus, Adelaide, SA
1997 	Albany Art Prize, Vancouver Arts Centre, Albany, WA
1998  	ACAF6 - (Australian Contemporary Art Fair, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne. (Represented by Galerie Düsseldorf)
1998	Out of Town in Newtown , King Street Gallery, Newtown, NSW
1999 	Art99 (The Western Australian Art Fair) Fremantle Passenger Terminal, WA, (Represented by Galerie Düsseldorf)
2000	The Colour of Water, Perth International Arts Festival Exhibition, Galerie Düsseldorf, Perth	
1983	Inaugural Perth Technical College Prlnt Prize, TECHPRINT
1985 	Bunbury City Art Purchase Prize (Drawing)
1989	Gomboc Gallery Award (Sculpture)
1992 	Frost Family Prize , Albany Art Prize
1992 	Grant, Creatlve Development - Special Projects, Department for the Arts
1992  	Supplementary Judges' Award (Graphic), Australian/Latvian 42nd Arts Festival
1994 	Extravaganza Gallery Art Award (Mixed Media any subject) Albany Art Prize
1995	Commission (Installation Art, Westweek), Aherns
1996 	Innovative Award (Mixed Media), City of Wanneroo Art Award 
1997 	Town of Albany / Hewitt's Art Bookshop Open prize , (Non - acquisitive Best Work in competition - any medium) Albany Art Prize
1998 	Artflight - ArtsWA (to attend ACAF6, Melbourne)


Alexander Library, Perth
Australian Capital Equity
Bunbury City Art Gallery
Art Gallery of Western Australia
Central Metropolitan College of TAFE
Perth Campus
Claremont School of Art
Australian High Commissioner to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Cabinet del Talier Experimental de grafica de la Havana, Cuba
City of Joondalup
Computronics Corporation,
Edith Cowan University
Murdoch University
Dr Harold Schenberg
WA School of Art
Design and Media
University of Western Australia
Curtin University of Technology
Family Law Courts Perth
Frost Family Collection
Gabinet del Taller Experiemental de Grafica de la Havana/Cuba
Holmes á Court Collection
Klava Sipolins Foundation Canada
National Gallery of Jamaica
Royal Perth Hospital
Sigma-Escritorio de Arte Ltda Campinas
Sao Paulo, Brazil
State Art Gallery of Art, Lodz, Poland

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