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Mike Singe Tasmania 2009 Notes : from emails to Douglas Sheerer (balloon light generator) and shows a balloon powering a small dynamo contraption to light its own presence in the dark - with the inevitable fade of the light as the balloon completely deflates. This work reflects my masters topic of investigating energy utilisation in art in the context of the overwhelming global warming debate. This video was made using the same generator gadget as the balloon video. The light in this video is generated purely from me blowing into the generator, the dark sections of the video obviously is when I am between breaths. Once again this is a pretty crude version of the video but I guess it indicates where I am heading (maybe?). Initial experiment in carbon capture. To be more specific images of me in my studio with adapted respirator to capture my CO2 enriched breath in a weather balloon. Took about half an hour of breathing to fill the balloon up. This images were only shot yesterday and represent where the next lot of work might be heading - am looking to make a more convincing job of adapting a respirator, maybe a full face respirator I think. Have plans to use the captured breath to generate electricity or drive other objects. Seems like the work is heading towards including performance elements - not quite sure how that happened, perhaps the ghost of Watt is hanging about. Harnessing of the exhaust vent in my studio to make electricity via fans driving motors. First prototype barely charged AA battery. Prototype 2 was more efficient at charging batteries and powered a clock (see images). Final version of fan generator is currently able to power the lights for the window gallery (tentatively named "inside out" space) which I have set up for others to show work in. First person will be putting work in the window next week hopefully.

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