Howard Taylor

A Major exhibition of three dimensional
works and associated paintings and drawings

Sculptures - Constructions - Paintings
Maquettes - Drawings

Galerie Dusseldorf

14 February - 11 April 2010

Howard Taylor
Catalogue No.5
Forked Figure c1970-2009
Weathered Jarrah. Jarrah
209 x 185 x 45 cm

This work was originally constructed in 1970
with a timber backing.
In September 1998 the work minus the timber
backing was exhibited in a special exhibition
to mark Howard Taylor's 80th birthday year
at Galerie Dusseldorf

The original timber backing which had rotted
away in the bush was used by Brett Taylor,
Howard's son, as a template to refabricate the
backing complete with engraved motifs.

Brett Taylor worked with his father on many if
not most of the large wooden sculpture projects
and has spent many months restoring this work
and 4 other free standing sculptures for this

The re-fabrication of 'Way Through' a very large
Jarrah sculptural piece at Curtin University was
also carried out by Brett Taylor.