Brendan Van Hek : As if from a distance I could already see myself 16 Oct - 13 Nov Galerie Düsseldorf : 35th Year Anniversary In this exhibition of new works, Brendan Van Hek produces a series of two dimensional works in neon, alongside a number of configurations of oval mirrors
and prints on paper. The use of these materials continues on
from works produced in recent years that investigate the potential of neon and mirror. Influenced by popular culture, and the diverse, conflicting and varied sources that affect all cultural producers today, the work emerges from elaborate narratives, located in personal history, fictions and social politics. In particular this recent work takes the maze or labyrinth as a starting point to consider the idea of direction, destiny, fortune and what comes together to shape the view of one’s future.

the path to luck 2011
Blue neon edition 3 + artist's proof 30 x 132 x 6cm $ 4,800