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IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY ::: 30 Years

Galerie Dusseldorf was established by Magda and Douglas Sheerer and opened it’s doors
30 years ago this month. For the past three decades the gallery has been bringing to the
Perth public an ongoing programme of contemporary art exhibitions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank :::
All our artists - past present future ::: supporters colleagues clients friends

Galerie Dusseldorf ::: 30 YEARS ON
12 November - 10 December 2006

Celebration exhibition featuring works by :::
Su Baker, Susanna Castleden, Douglas Chambers Lesley Duxbury, Sarah Elson, Galliano Fardin, Caspar Fairhall, Pamela Gaunt, Simon Gevers, Richard Giblett, Jocelyn Gregson
Richard Gunning, Marie Hobbs, Bevan Honey
Jill Kempson, Janet Laurence, Brian McKay
Phillip McLeish, Hilarie Mais, Allan Mitelman, Frank Morris, Tom Mùller, Janis Nedela, John Peart, Jon Plapp, Kevin Robertson, Megan Salmon, David Sequeira, Douglas Sheerer, Mike Singe
Bruce Slatter, Alex Spremberg, Howard Taylor, John Teschendorff, Valerie Tring, Virginia Ward, David Watt, Joshua Webb

Brian McKay
Born 1926 Meckering WA

30 :
Shield 2006
Automotive Enamel on Etched
and Sealed Aluminium
85 x 85 cm