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3 - 24 February 2002

Galliano Fardin

Unspoken Thoughts: New Paintings

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10 March - 3 April 2002

Judith Wright

View Exhibition Recent Paintings and Video Work

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29 March - 1 April 2002

Easter Break

14 April - 5 May 2002

John Teschendorff

- Drawing -

19 May - 9 June 2002

Lesley Duxbury: Seeing Double

Brian McKay: Further Reflections

23 June - 14 July 2002

Marie Hobbs: 'Common Clay' Recent Paintings and Drawings

Common Clay presents a new departure for Marie Hobbs. The stimulus for this latest collection of semi-figurative works are the motifs of two oriental artefacts. By playing with spatial conventions and composition, Marie Hobbs de-constructs the images, alters their scale, creating new interrelationships and tensions between the figurative elements in the paintings. Hobbs’ spontaneous use of colour and paint remains bold and seductive and while filled with luminosity and energy these works radiate a contemplative stillness. Hobbs’ exploration of the ‘psychology of memory’ is evident in 45 Rabbit Avenue, a collection of personal memories, local art histories and imagined narratives. Alongside the seriousness of Marie Hobbs’ formal and painterly considerations there is a pervading sense of vitality and play throughout the exhibition.

Paola Anselmi (Freelance Curator)

Jon Plapp

March of Time: A selection of paintings and works on paper from 1985 - 2001

Jon Plapp was born in Melbourne in 1938. He obtained his first degree from Melbourne University in 1959 and went on to gain a PhD (Psychology) from Washington University, St Louis, USA in 1967. He settled in Toronto, Canada in 1968 and went on to share a studio with Toronto painters David Bolduc and Paul Sloggett in 1976. He returned to Australia in 1977 settling in Sydney.
Amongst other public and private collections his work is also held in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia.
Plapp offers a site, a safe place if you will, where the viewers conduct their maladies (some hybrid of exhausted vision and confounding imitation it would likely be) for ease. Note that he doesn’t impose the painting’s order on a disordered world. He merely allows for that order – to be accessible to it. We come to Jon Plapp’s paintings confident they will receive us in all their assuaging, not to say therapeutic, property.
That said, I think we also come for their sheer sophistication as visual productions, for their beauty in fact. He work of a mature painter practised in his craft and sincere in his project, they position Plapp in the echelon – and narrow it is – of contemporary Australian abstractionists of substance.
Extract from Catalogue essay to the exhibition Elusive Meanings, Geometric Abstraction in the work of Jon Plapp 1984 – 1994 (Devonport Gallery and Arts Centre, Tasmania 1995)
Written by Bruce James (current art critic for the Sydney Morning Herald)

28 July - 18 August 2002

Jånis Nedéla

The third and final exhibition in the trilogy

Enigma: A Suite of Variations #3

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1 September - 6 October 2002

Howard Taylor

Paintings - Maquettes - Drawings

Sun Figure 1992 Oil on Board 22.2 x 28.3 cm

Coinciding with the inclusion of a major body of work by Howard Taylor in Queensland Art Gallery's flagship contemporary art event, The Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art - APT 2002, we present an exhibition which traces the development of these and other significant works.

APT 2002: 12 September 2002 - 27 Januray 2003 will offer for the first time in Australia the opportunity for audiences to engage with a substantial body of work by just 15 International artists, whose practice has contributed in outstanding ways to contemporary art over the last three decades. APT 2002 will, for the first time, present in-depth selections of work, thus allowing the opportunity for audiences to closely explore each artist’s practice. Some of these artists have made highly significant contributions since the 1960’s while others have had a seminal impact over this last decade. The exhibition will present a selection of important works that span each artist’s active careers.

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20 October - 13 November 2002

Tom Müller

- H o m o g l o b u s -


World Passport - Wanderlust - Airport Alphabet.

Recipient of The Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University School of Art Post Graduate Scholarship for 2000

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CONTEXTUALISING THE WORLD PASSPORT > THE ARTIST AS AMBASSADOR OF IDEAS The world passport is an artistic initiative developed by the artist Tom Mueller.
As a response to an ever-increasing globalisation, the world passport was developed in order to conceptually deal with the Zeitgeist of our times. The world passport recognises and respects the origin and culture of each human being in integrating them to the world. This concept aims to dissolve political and social boundaries and to encourage global awareness,
Worldly responsibility and environmental lucidity are some of many words that echo the essence of the world passport,
The physical role of the artist performer forms an integral part of the work. The artist takes on the role of "World Ambassador' in setting up a [World Passport Embassy at various locations around the world.
"I would position the WORLD PASSPORT as an antidote to this ridiculous US or THEM attitude --- there should be no THEM in this world, only US."
Matthew Jesse Jackson Gold, 2001

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24 November - 15 December 2002

Alex Spremberg

- gravity works -