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24 February - 6 April 2008 : JANET LAURENCE : Reflection on a Green World

20 April - 18 MaY : GALLIANO FARDIN : Nothing stays the same, everything remains    

Galliano Fardin : 'Summer Rain' 2007  Oil on Canvas  103 x107 cm

Fardin’s work has for many years been dealing with two seemingly conflicting aspects of Australia. 
A coastal rim, where most of its cities are located, and where he resides, although not in a city, and a remote desert interior.
The difference which characterises this continent, both physically and socially, is what Fardin’s work investigates.
An ecological foot print is evident in all Fardin's 'Lake Clifton' paintings and the traces and marks are clear to see.
Disturbingly the water level table has decreased significantly over the twenty years he has 're-managed' and 're-planted' these fifty acres at Lake Clifton.
In stark contrast are Fardin's 'desert' works. Here we see an artist overwhelmed by the wild colours and extremities of Australia's 'remote interior lands' 
These “Desert” and 'Lake Clifton' works 'linger'........ on the almost schizophrenic aspect of contemporary Australia. 
Fardin's paintings are gentle reminders of these different states of 'being.


25 May - 22 June  SUSANNA CASTLEDEN : Itinerary

Susanna Castleden : Itinerary 2008 graphite on Drafting Film (detail)



25 May - 22 June  RICHARD GUNNING : Recent Paintings

Richard Gunning : Studio with open door 2008  Oil on canvas  107 x 107 cm


29 June - 27 July 2008 : JOSHUA WEBB : New Violence

Joshua Webb : New Violence

  • Recipient of the Galerie Düsseldorf / Curtin University Post Graduate Scholarship for 2006
    and the prestigious Australian SAMSTAG Scholarship for 2008, Joshua Webb returns to Australia
    from Europe for this his first solo exhibition at Galerie Düsseldorf.
    This latest exhibition, 'New Violence' at Galerie Düsseldorf, mirrors his recent exhibition of the same name at the Meet factory, Prague, Czech Republic. This latest installment of New Violence continues a cross-continental investigation concerned with global politics in the age of economic imperialism. The exhibition takes as its starting point the shifting ideological history of the Czech Republic and then moves abroad to explore the frontiers of new capitalism that are lying dormant in tomorrow’s global giants. Ultimately Webb’s new exhibition acts as a speculative landscape that maps the potential for metamorphosis between dystopian dynasties.


3 - 31 August 2008 : PAMELA GAUNT: Errant Abstractions


  • In her third solo exhibition at Galerie Düsseldorf, Pamela Gaunt continues to draw her imagery from the decorative lexicon.
    By isolating and repositioning motifs selected for their anthropomorphic possibilities she provides the viewer with meaningful experiences through unfamiliar contexts and contemporary translations of proverbial forms.

3 - 31 August 2008 : JOCELYN GREGSON: Maritime


Jocelyn Gregson Cat.3 The naked hulk alongside came Acrylic over gesso on Canvas 91 x 120 cm

  • In this suite of paintings Jocelyn Gregson explores West Coast maritime
    themes by placing the subject matter uniquely within the context of 'still life' painting.


12 October - 9 November 2008



Images : Hilarie Mais - Jessica Wright - William Wright

TRIPTYCH is an exciting exhibition of new work from abstract sculptor/painter Hilarie Mais, daughter Jessica Wright and noted art curator / writer William (Bill) Wright AM

The exhibition will be opened by Doug Hall AM former Director Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art and commissioner for the Australian exhibition at the 53rd Venice Biennale 2009 on Sunday 12 October 2008, 3 - 5pm

Hilarie Mais has received numerous awards, including an Australia Council Visual Arts/Craft Board Fellowship and a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. Her works are included in the collections of the National Gallery of Australia, all state galleries and numerous regional gallery collections, as well as corporate and private collections in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States. Retrospective survey exhibitions of her works were held at the Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia (1990) and the Australian National University Drill Hall Gallery (2004).

Jessica Mais Wright is a young painter and a sculptor; working in both oil on canvas and mild steel wire and brass. She is interested in exploring ‘the other’ as an object or place of imagination, one of both fascination and wonder but also possibly abjection and awe. Her sculptures are alias’ and fetishes, containing impossible creatures and mazes, her paintings are alike to effigies or mirrors, some a point of departure into an emotion or memory others containing uncanny presences.

William Wright AM is a noted art curator/writer, former Deputy Director at The Art Gallery of NSW and was the Artistic Director of ‘Vision in Disbelief’, the 4th Biennale of Sydney. He is currently the Sherman Foundation Fellow in Contemporary Art, Dept. of Art History and Theory, University of Sydney. His last solo exhibition was held at Richard Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh in 1968.


16 November - 14 December 2008

CASPAR FAIRHALL : Simultaneous, Sequential


Caspar Fairhall

Caspar Fairhall : Slow Fast Articulation IV 2007 - oil on canvas (alkyd colour) 84 x 84cm

The works in this exhibition represent an effort to explore some of the deeply counterintuitive ideas in contemporary physics, particularly as they relate to ourselves as embodied subjects. Since it is impossible to directly represent ideas such as relativistic space-time, or the many extra spatial dimensions in string theory, it is necessary to hint at them using various visual strategies, thus drawing on the familiar to extend the imagination into unfamiliar territory. More important to me is the sense of disorientation and dislocation that these ideas can induce.

Most visual art – often even when highly abstract – retains a sense of conventional space and time, certain assumptions about materiality, and the comfortably familiar sense of inhabiting terrestrial space as we are accustomed to seeing it. The world as it is has no respect for our metal handrails such as solidity, simultaneity, horizontality and verticality. The sense of uncanniness and dislocation that we feel when considering a world without these handrails is my starting point. (Caspar Fairhall 2008)


A glimpse into 2009 ..........

Our first exhibition for 2009 : 15 Feb - 15 March 2009 : David Sequeira

DS Harmony

David Sequeira's work has been recognised nationally and internationally through a number of prestigious residencies and awards. These include the Australia Council studio residency in Paris; an Asialink residency in Pakistan; the University of Texas residency in Dallas; the Collex Museum of Contemporary Art Acquisitive Prize (inaugural winner); Curtin University artist in residence Perth, and the Jam Factory Glass studio artist in residence Adelaide. Important recent projects include a solo exhibition in New Delhi, India where he was born and a 10 year survey of his work at the John Curtin University Gallery, Perth.
Working in a range of media, David explores the notions of language and information through colour, geometry and everyday objects. A self-confessed hoarder, David collects books, vases, flower petals, leaves, orange domestic ware and plastic plates which all find their way into his practice. His interests include libraries, museums, flea markets and junk shops. His work emerges from studies in art history, museums and education. Largely as a result of this type of art learning, he is not bound to any specific studio process. His work takes a variety of forms including painting, sculpture, sound, installation, printmaking, drawing, curatorship and performance. At the heart of each of these aspects of his work is a deep commitment to the limitless properties of colour, and the exploration of his relationship to art. He is currently a Doctoral candidate at RMIT University. 


2009 Programme