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Josh Webb Install GD2011

Joshua Webb : Apathy for the Setting Sun

Sarah Elson

Sarah Elson's new work continues her interest in florabunda. Through small scale sculptural forms she explores the issue of economic wealth derived from Western Australia's mineral riches against the biodiverse environmental richness of WA. The subject of much of the work is the deceased flower of the Eucalptus Lehmannii, commonly known as the spider gum. This defensive looking seed casing is cast in precious recycled metals to enhance its severity of form, whilst being hollowed out to accentuate lightness and the complexity of its internal structure. This is an attempt to work through issues of objectification and security, and perceptions of value placed on ones intimate relationship to the genitailia of all plants - the flower.

Jill kempson

Jill Kempson 'Lago Maggiore, Italy' 2011 oil on board

Jill Kempson's new exhibition represents a body of recent works spanning a three year period 2008–2011.

The journey begins in Norfolk, England, perched next to a spring fed lake and surrounded by rustling reeds, wild water birds and magnificent old trees. Kempson has observed the myriad effects of light and its reflections in her series of works about Framington Chase, a property owned by the Colman family. Kempson also visited the manicured and eccentric English gardens while experiencing the timelessness of a wild English forest.

Kempson also pays homage again to the French photographer of the early 20th century; Eugene Agtet, by reinterpreting his images of French gardens and parks into the painted image.

Completing the journey, depicting Earth, Sky and Water, is the brooding drama of the skies above Lago Maggiore, Italy.

A high quality book written by the renowned French art curator and author Patrick Le Chanu on Jill Kempson’s Art practice over the past 20 years will be available at Galerie Dusseldorf during the exhibition.



Galerie Düsseldorf 35th Year Anniversary